OMG My Seoul started off as a fun family project to share the same experience we had snacking on authentic Korean goodies. We started by packing our favorite snacks and face masks as a snack box and much to our surprise and delight, we received overwhelming support and kudos. The goal is to provide you with a different experience by delivering various authentic Korean snacks and Korean beauty products straight to your door fast.

As a Korean American family, you can only take so much Lays potato chips and sometimes you just need to snack on something more unique, a little different. We quickly realized that we wanted to share our love for Korean snacks and hopefully provide some fun ways to experience something new.

OMG My Seoul was born out of fun, passion, and love. Compared to competitors both new and veterans, the OMG My Seoul snack and gift box provides the best bang for the buck. We ensure the widest variety and the largest quantity of authentic Korean snacks and goodies packed in a single box. You will certainly find a snack…or 10 where you will be craving more of and that is where we will help you get what you want next.

We are always open to questions and suggestions. Contact OMG My Seoul