As a Korean American, I realized that I did not know the major holidays celebrated in South Korea. We created this informative infographic to help both as a refresher and a learning opportunity for everyone. We realize there are many more celebrated holidays that we could have included.

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Most Important Holidays Celebrated in South Korea

Seollal – Korean New Year (Jan-Feb)

Celebrates the 1st day of the lunar calendar not the solar calendar so the day differs every year. Families come together to celebrate and pay tribute to ancestors

Independence Movement Day (March 1)

Commemorates the declaration of the Korean Independence Movement. It was a massive public protest against Japanese colonial rule.

Children’s Day (May 5)

Parents give gifts to children on this day and spend time together

Parents’ Day (May 8)

A day to visit parents and express thanks

Korean Memorial Day (June 6)

Honors those who sacrificed their lives for the Republic of Korea

Liberation (Independence) Day (August 15)

Celebrates the day the country was freed from Japanese control and honors those who fought for the independence of the Republic of Korea.

Chuseok – Korean Thanksgiving (September)

Celebrates the fall harvest every year according to the lunar calendar. Similar to Seollal, families will gather but typically spend 3 days together.

National Foundation Day (Oct 3)

Commemorates the creation of the first Korean state, Gojuseon

Hangul Day (Oct 9)

Celebrates the creation of the Korean Hangul alphabet. It is thought that King Sejong the Great created the alphabet in 1447. Back then the Korean language was spoken but no characters existed

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